Traveling to the Cabo San Lucas Airport? Tips for Cabo Airport Transportation

A destination to Cabo is every traveler’s dream. Once you arrive at the Cabo San Lucas Airport, your dream vacation begins. When visiting an international runway, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since COVID-19, there are many new rules to follow. Keep reading to hear some tips for Cabo airport transportation.

Book Your Flight Online

Cabo San Lucas has the busiest airport in Mexico. To avoid being held up in a line, you need to have a plan. When shaping your vacation, try to make things simple and easy. Planning lets you spend more time relaxing!

The Los Cabos Airport lets you plan before your trip to Cabo. During this time of year, getting a flight to Cabo is a few clicks away. Stay up to date with their safety rules, and have your passport ready. They are still open to international flights, so now is a great time to visit.

For your comfort, there are many ways to book a flight online. The Cabo San Lucas Airport has a helpful website for easy travel. Booking your flight online takes a bit of planning and research, but it is much easier than booking in person.

Cabo Airport Transportation: Know Your Destination Ahead of Time

When you visit Baja California Sur, there are dozens of possible runways near the tip. Only two of them are close to Cabo itself. To keep your drive short, have the right airstrip in mind. When you book a flight to Cabo, it should be to the Los Cabos International Airport or the Cabo San Lucas Airport.

The Los Cabos International Airport sits amid many destinations. It is about 8 miles from San Jose Del Cabo and 23 miles from Los Cabos. The larger airfield is the main travel point for most tourists.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo are only 30 minutes apart. Visiting both in one trip is entirely possible. Book your transportation beforehand, and drive to your dream destination with your family.

The Cabo San Lucas Airport mainly services private jets and private shuttles. The smaller runway only sits a few miles away from the city. Because of its privacy, the Cabo San Lucas Airport is not as busy. It works for luxurious vacationers with a need for privacy.

There is also the Manuel Marquez de Leon International Airport. This airstrip sits closer to the famous La Paz beach. Depending on the length of your vacation, La Paz is an excellent spot for a quick visit before your trip to Cabo.

On your trip to Cabo, think of visiting Todos Santos too! Known as the artist’s destination, Todos Santos is a quieter area. The quaint town offers as many activities as the famous resort. You do not want to miss the diverse history and activities in Baja, California.

Both airports are within driving range of Cabo’s popular rentals. If you are staying in a townhome or a condo outside of the city, the drive only takes a few minutes.

Cabo International Airport SJD

When you book a flight, you have to know your destination. The International Air Transport Association has special IDs for every terminal. Every certified strip has its own IATA, including the Los Cabos Airport.

The international air station’s IATA is SJD for San Jose Del Cabo. Learn that code to be sure that you get on the right flight!

Arrange Cabo Airport Transportation Ahead of Time

Once you arrive at Cabo, you need a way to get around. Thankfully, the airfield is helpful. One way trips on a Cabo Airport Shuttle are cheap, easy options for new guests.

Cabo Airport transfers are easy to come by. Catch a taxi, rent a car, or book transport before your trip. Many transport companies are within driving distance of the airstrip. Finding one takes a bit of research, but you and your guests have plenty of options.

Cabo’s transfer services have plenty of options. They offer private or shared shuttles for new guests, depending on your budget and preferences. Car services get you to your destination, and you get to choose your preferred type of transport. To find the right transportation services, study the surrounding car rental companies.

Luxury-loving guests may book a private limousine for their convenience. If you prefer a private transfer, book that ahead of time too. Private transportation costs more, but you get the benefit of leisurely rest as soon as you land. Shuttle services are easy to look up online or find in the actual airport.

After booking your shuttle, the air-conditioned shuttles take you to your destination. Cabo transportation only takes a few minutes of driving, and then you are right in the middle of the city.

The travel time from the airport to the hotel takes 40 minutes tops. From there, you may check into your hotel, visit the beach, or relax with a cold beer. The choice is yours!

Arrange Activities Before Your Vacation

Once you arrive at the Cabo airport, there are plenty of things to entertain you. Whether you seek family-friendly fun or a nice night out, Cabo has the activity for you. Here are a few ways to spend your time in Cabo San Lucas:

  1. Book a Tour on a Boat.
  2. Explore the Nice Places to Eat.
  3. Go to a New Bar or Club.
  4. Swim in an Outdoor Pool, or Find a Beautiful Beach.
  5. Tour the Outback on a Camel.
  6. Find a Fishing Tour.
  7. Book a Sunset Cruise.
  8. Sail on a Luxury Boat.

Each of these activities is a fun way to pass the time in Los Cabos. Many adventures await you and your guests. There is something fun to do for every personality, so get ready for your adventurous trip!

Book a Luxury Boating Tour With Pelican Cabo

Pelican Cabo strives to educate our guests before their trip. Once you arrive, your entertainment is our highest priority. Make the most of your Cabo vacation.

We offer dozens of fun activities for vacationers. From snorkeling to a luxury cruise, Pelican Cabo takes your vacation to the next level. Contact us today!

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