Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Visit During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Traveling to Cabo in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has the potential to linger for years. The masses might have to wait until 2022 for a double dose of an effective vaccine. Many frequent travelers, especially those who love visiting Cabo San Lucas, are starting to venture out for short weekend getaways, scuba diving, boating, and more throughout Mexico. If you prepare accordingly, you can travel to Cabo safely, enjoy your stay in this unique tropical destination, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Here’s how to travel COVID-safe to Cabo during the pandemic.

Your Safe Cabo Vacation Awaits

Airlines that service Cabo have gone out of their way to make air travel to this popular destination as safe as possible. Don your face covering, social distance while waiting to board your airplane and you will be well on your way toward this vacation destination. It is advisable to don a face covering while at the airport and also while on the flight. In short, face coverings are required in all public spaces where it is not possible to social distance.

You will likely be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the airport. If you do not display symptoms of the virus, you can proceed as normal. However, if you show symptoms of the virus, you might be required to pass through additional screening such as a rapid test to make it clear you do not have the virus and are not contagious. Furthermore, it is important to point out Cabo and the entirety of Mexico do not require those arriving from other locations to quarantine. Depart your aircraft, head to your hotel and have a blast during your Cabo experience.

Is COVID-19 in Cabo?

Yes. The virus has made its way to just about every corner of the planet. However, Cabo coronavirus infection rates are quite low compared to other parts of the United States. Recent reports indicate Cabo had a mere 155 COVID cases yet its population is nearly 300,000. In other words, your chances of contracting COVID in Cabo are quite small. Furthermore, Cabo businesses are required to be certified by health authorities as having adhered to health protocols prior to reopening.

A Healthy and Safe Cabo Experience

Once you arrive in Cabo, you will find hotels and other facilities have done their part to limit the spread of the virus and keep vacationers safe. Capacity in most Cabo facilities has been reduced so vacationers can adequately social distance. Activities that involve large groups are divided into smaller groups to ensure social distancing is possible.

Hotel, restaurant, bar, and club managers disinfect and sanitize lodging, equipment, and just about every other part of their facilities for the utmost safety. In fact, most of these establishments take employee temperatures on a daily basis to ensure none have COVID. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout Cabo establishments, ensuring travelers can properly clean their hands prior to eating, drinking, and enjoying fun in the Cabo sun.

Face Coverings and Hand Sanitizer in Cabo

Those considering booking a trip to Cabo are likely wondering if a face covering is required in Cabo. Health authorities recommend wearing a face covering when social distancing is not possible. If you are at the beach, in your hotel room or enjoying a guided tour where it is possible to social distance, you do not have to wear a face covering. However, you should bring several face coverings and hand sanitizer to Cabo as you will likely need them at one point or another. If you forget these items or lose them, ask the hotel staff if they have any extras.

Pelican Cabo is Your Luxurious Cabo Experience

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