Transportation in Cabo

Cabo has more than its fair share of transportation options. You can pre-book transportation, hail a cab, ride a bike, rent a car, or hop on a boat to get from one part of Cabo to another. In fact, plenty of Cabo vacation veterans insist exploring Cabo by foot is ideal. However, wheels will be necessary to see all that Cabo has to offer as it is not possible to walk from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. Let’s take a look at the many different Cabo transportation options.

Beware of the Airport Sharks

When you arrive and depart Cabo, you will likely run into at least one airport shark. These individuals are typically selling timeshares. Ignore them and proceed to your taxi, shuttle, or rental car. Pass through customs, segue to the exit door while ignoring the airport sharks and your Cabo stay will get off to a fantastic start. If you hire transportation in advance, it will prove that much easier to avoid the airport sharks. Otherwise, these individuals will be right there waiting for you at the airport exit.

Cabo Transportation on the Water

Taking a taxi or rental car is nowhere near as enjoyable as a boat ride on the beautiful water. Water taxis are available to transport you and your party from the marina located downtown to Cabo’s top beaches. Aside from the magnificent views, people favor water taxis as there is no chance of car theft.

You can find several water taxi services at Cabo’s downtown marina. Water taxis will take you to a litany of Cabo beaches ranging from Playa Medano to Playa del Amor. Such taxis are not metered yet their rates are surprisingly affordable. Water taxi service typically costs around $10 one way. However, water taxis can only get you so far.

Cabo Transportation on Land

If you want to see everything Cabo has to offer, you will need some wheels. Thankfully, numerous car rental companies rent vehicles at the Los Cabos International Airport. The airport is about 30 miles away from Cabo San Lucas and less than 10 miles from San Jose del Cabo.

A cab ride from the airport to downtown Cabo or elsewhere has the potential to be fairly expensive. Contact your hotel to determine if there is a shuttle service available to transport you to your lodgings directly from the airport. Though a shuttle service will require sharing the vehicle with other passengers, it will prove quite affordable compared to taxi service. Examples of Cabo shuttle services include All Ways Cabo Transportation, Airport Baja Transfers, and Cabo Shuttle Services.

Travel by Foot

If you insist on using your own two feet to check out Cabo, you can do so, albeit in a limited fashion. Cabo activities are primarily clustered in the downtown area so you can check out plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, and other attractions on foot.

Travel by Car

Rent a vehicle or hail a taxi and you will be able to see the entirety of Cabo. However, it is not prudent to drive too far beyond the areas known for tourism as there is the potential for a highway robbery. Though the odds of such an unfortunate event are quite low, it is possible. If you prefer to rent a car, you can find car rental companies within the airport and also downtown. Cabs are available throughout Cabo. Cab rates are negotiable yet they are typically higher than expected.

It usually costs around $60 to travel by taxi between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. A taxi from the Corridor to San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas will likely run $15 to $20. However, a taxi ride from the airport to a hotel will cost around $70 or more so be sure to consider the shuttle service as noted above.

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