How to Visit Cabo’s Best Snorkeling Hotspots in Style

Cabo provides world-class snorkeling thanks to its clear and clean water, stunning coastal aesthetic, and warm weather.  Even if you have never snorkeled, you will find this activity particularly rewarding in Cabo.  Snorkel through the Sea of Cortez and you are sure to spot some truly remarkable marine life.  In fact, Jacques Cousteau even dubbed this water body as the “aquarium of the world” due to its plethora of fish.  Our team is here to ensure you get the most out of your Cabo snorkeling and boating experience.

Snorkeling Made Easy

There is a common misconception that snorkeling is dangerous or difficult to learn.  However, those who try snorkeling agree it is actually quite easy.  Simply put on the lightweight snorkeling equipment, hit the water and you will agree this water activity is much more simple than anticipated.  In fact, there are Cabo snorkeling tours led by experienced guides that will help you make the most of your Cabo experience.  Our boat will take you to all of Cabo’s snorkeling hotspots so you can maximize your snorkeling fun, see the true beauty of Cabo’s marine life, and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Cabo Snorkeling Done Right

It is a mistake to put on your snorkeling mask and jump directly into the water closest to your hotel.  If you are thinking about snorkeling in Cabo, it is imperative you do it the right way.  Let us guide you to the best snorkeling spots in Cabo and you will be more than pleased with the underwater experience.

The optimal time to snorkel in Cabo is between April and October as the water temperature begins to drop in November.  Snorkel in any of the fall, spring or summer months and you will agree it is well worth the brief learning curve.  However, those who absolutely love to snorkel will not hesitate to snorkel in Cabo during the winter simply because the local waters are quite lively with fish and other aquatic life. 

The Best Cabo Snorkeling Sites

Chileno Bay is revered as one of Cabo’s best snorkeling sites.  Positioned along the Corridor close to Santa Maria, this site features sheltered waters with truly amazing underwater aesthetics.  The offshore reefs at Chileno Bay are home to sea fans, tropical fish, eels and more.  Pelican Rock at Land’s End can be reached by way of water taxi after departing from Medano Beach or Cabo’s primary marina.  Land’s End’s bay side provides truly amazing snorkeling waters highlighted by an array of marine species including angelfish, rays, surgeonfish, sea turtles, parrotfish and Moorish idols.  Nearby waters even feature sea lions.

Both experienced and “newbie” snorkelers favor Cabo’s Santa Maria Bay.  Located along the Tourist Corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, this site has become quite the popular snorkeling destination.  In fact, snorkeling tours arrive at Santa Maria Bay from Cabo’s marina throughout the morning and afternoon.  Santa Maria Bay is shaped similar to a crescent.  Here, you will find schools of colorful marine life, sea fans and plenty of beautiful coral. 

When in doubt, lean on our Cabo experts to guide you to the best snorkeling sites.  Tell us the type of fish you would like to see, inform us of your snorkeling experience level and the amount of time you have to spend snorkeling.  We will help you find the perfect Cabo snorkeling site.

Pelican Cabo is at Your Service

Cabo provides some of the world’s best snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching.  Our team is here to treat you to a truly unparalleled Cabo experience on the water.  We are proud to provide our guests with a 5-star cruise experience highlighted by delicious food, refreshing drinks, endless water activities and plenty more.  Reach out to us today at +52-6241228554 or to learn more about Cabo adventures on the water.

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