Mexican Cuisine: the Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best parts of a vacation involves trying new foods! The best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas offer the finest pieces of Mexican cuisine. Each of the popular restaurants takes its safety measures seriously, so you and your family stay protected during your stay.

Enjoy full-course meals during your dine-in stay. You and your family get to try new things with a side of their desserts! In this article, we collect the best places to have great dining experiences. Who knows, you might spot a celebrity. Read more about them below.

Dine on Traditional Mexican Cuisine

How will your stay go in Los Cabos? A leisurely stay means nothing without good eats. The closeness to the beach means that you get to try amazing Mexican seafood recipes. You get to choose between luxury, all-natural, and carefully prepared foods.

A big part of vacation planning includes finding the best places to eat. No matter what you choose, many restaurants strive for your utmost satisfaction. Wine and dine over a nice dinner, or relish in some of the world’s best margaritas.

Nourish Yourself With Organically Farmed Ingredients

Farm-to-table culture is booming in Mexican cuisine. Lots of restaurants like to use organically farmed ingredients. They believe that ethical farming makes the food more enjoyable, and they are right!

Flora Farms grows organic, all-natural ingredients in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. They do not use harmful pesticides or growth strategies. Instead, they let their crops grow via a healthy rotation schedule.

Because the growing season lasts 8 months in Cabo, farms have plenty of time to supply local restaurants. The process is sustainable and healthy for the environment.

Visiting Cabo San Lucas is the perfect chance to try organically farmed Mexican cuisine. Plenty of restaurants in the area have similar sources for food! Most restaurants offer farm-to-table dishes for the best quality.

Browse Some of the Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Depending on the length of your stay, you may get to choose from many different restaurants. Planning before your stay is good for keeping everything smooth. Don’t make any last-minute choices; know all of the great spots before you get hungry.

The following restaurants offer some of the best eats in Los Cabos. Luxury, organically farmed, and everything in between; make your choice before your stay! Be sure to choose the finest restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Take a look at them down below.

Flora’s Field Kitchen

Flora’s Field Kitchen uses hand-grown ingredients in all of their meals. They strive to make every dining experience farm fresh. That is why they combined their 25 acres of farmland with one of the freshest restaurants in the area. Enjoy their seasonal menu in San Jose Del Cabo!

Invita Bistro

Dining in the heart of Los Cabos is possible in Invita Bistro. They serve Italian food with old-school, delicious recipes. The chefs cook each of the dishes fresh, including classic plates of pasta and crisp bread.

The Ledge at the Cape A Thompson Hotel

Find your perfect blend of American and Mexican cuisine at The Ledge. Cape A Thompson Hotel’s biggest attraction lets you dine in style. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; so you get a nice variety of food throughout the day. Enjoy one of the best dining experiences, and never leave your luxurious stay!

The Office on the Beach

Take your good eats to the beach! The Office on the Beach serves seafood on Medano Beach. Visitors enjoy beachfront dining, giving them the true Los Cabos experience. For the price, the quality of service is unbeatable.

Acre Baja

Acre Baja is another farm-to-table restaurant with organically farmed ingredients. Their award-winning style makes them an excellent space to host an event. The Treehouse Hotel features lots of privacy in a luxurious sense. Visit them for private dining and the best bars in the San Jose Del Cabo area.

El Peregrino

El Peregrino’s daily specials make them a great visit for eager vacationers. They advertise themselves as a bar and grill, and they are an excellent place for a quick bite.

Eat some lovely seafood, American cuisine, and everything in between. Some of their signature dishes include seasonal sea bass and other seafood. El Peregrino is the perfect place to meet some locals in an affordable environment.

Los Tamarindos

Organic farming makes the meals at Los Tamarindos taste amazing. The restaurant’s proximity to the Sea of Cortez makes it the perfect spot for a quick, luxurious bite. They prioritize an authentic farm-to-table experience and want every bite to be healthy and delicious. On top of that, they offer cooking classes to eager vacationers!

Serrano Wine Seafood and Grill



The award-winning restaurant sits in the heart of Los Cabos. Serrano Wine Seafood and Grill serves exotic wines and daily specials. On top of seafood, they serve a variety of foods to meat-loving guests. They create their fresh eats over a grill of mesquite firewood.

Restaurante Los Tres Gallos

On the corner of 20 de Noviembre and Leona Vicario sits Restaurante Los Tres Gallos. They provide their guests with authentic Mexican cuisine. Dine indoors, or enjoy your meal in their outdoor courtyard.

Either way, their open-air kitchen makes the food taste amazing. Because of their diverse menu, guests consider them to be one of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

Make your reservation at a popular restaurant in San Jose Del Cabo. Their signature food includes tacos, but they have other amazing dishes too. The atmosphere makes it the perfect place to bring a large group of friends. Go to this affordable location for a spectacular lunch or late-night dinner.

Find Your Signature Restaurant With a Bit of Research

What are you in the mood for? The best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas have a wide range of different cooking. There is something for every type of person.

Choose your favorite place to eat, and relish in the talent of Cabo’s culinary pioneers. The future of your vacation includes delicious eats, so enjoy your stay at Los Cabos!

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