How to Avoid the Crowds and Experience a Sunset Cruise in Cabo in Private

Sunset Cruising in Cabo  

Envision yourself on a luxury boat, taking in the beauty of the Baja coast as the sunsets.  Your sweetie is by your side while you sip your favorite drink and take in the majestic view.  You snap pictures of the stunning sunset to share on social media and also to reflect upon after your epic Cabo trip comes to an end.  The breeze flows through your hair as you take in the unforgettable sunset, capping off a rewarding day on the water.  It simply does not get any better than that.  This is Cabo as it was meant to be experienced.  Pelican Cabo is here to make this dreamlike scenario happen for you and your traveling party.

There is Nothing Better Than a Cabo Sunset Cruise

Ask Cabo vacation veterans about the highlights of their trip and you will find just about everyone agrees Cabo sunset cruises are particularly rewarding.  This is your opportunity to kick up your feet, enjoy your beverage of choice and take in Cabo’s most striking aesthetic in all its beauty.  Let our team handle the nuances of the boat and charting a course for the optimal view.  All you have to do is relax, take in the sunset and snap a few photos for posterity’s sake.

Cabo Sunset Cruises are as Romantic as It Gets

Whether you are traveling solo, with family or a significant other, you will find your Cabo sunset cruise quite magical.  However, those who are traveling with a special someone will agree a Cabo sunset cruise is especially romantic.  Imagine you and your sweetie side by side as you take in the splendor of a Cabo sunset while on the water.  You watch the light glisten off the water as the sun drifts below the horizon line, creating a truly indelible image.  You could not ask for a better Cabo experience with your special someone.

5-Star Service During Your Cabo Sunset Cruise

You deserve to be treated like a king or queen during your Cabo vacation.  Hop on our boat for a Cabo sunset cruise and you really will be treated like royalty.  Our team is here to ensure you get the most out of this unique experience.  From fine dining options to drink service, plush seating and more, we ensure every aspect of your Cabo experience meets your expectations.  In fact, our service starts well before and continues long after the actual Cabo sunset.  We provide our guests with a litany of water activities, whale watching, a state of the art sound system and two deck levels for the ultimate experience on the water.

Your Magical Cabo Moment Awaits

Seize the opportunity to enjoy a Cabo sunset on our 5-star cruise and you will agree this experience is second to none.  Whether you decide to record the sunset, take snapshots or preserve the imagery in your mind’s eye, you will never forget your Cabo sunset cruise.  The best part is you do not have to rent a boat or steer it to the optimal position for the perfect sunset view.  We do all the work for you so you can simply enjoy the sunset and get the most out of your Cabo experience.

Pelican Cabo is Here to Make Your Cabo Vacation Vision a Reality

Your Cabo adventure awaits.  There is no sense spending your vacation on the land when we you can explore Cabo by water.  Pelican Cabo does all the work while you focus on fun.  We provide our guests with luxurious accommodations including gourmet food, comfy seating, water activities and so much more.

Contact us today by dialing +52-6241228554 or by emailing to find out more about our 5-star cruise experience in Cabo.

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