Team Building Activities for Proven Professional Growth

As more and more teams work from home it becomes increasingly important to pull everyone together for an offsite event. This where different teams can interact and build stronger bonds. The work from home trend makes throwing remote team building activities more important than ever.

There is no longer small talk around the water cooler for different teams to bond and grow relationships. In the current climate, it can be challenging for people who work on different teams to build a relationship at all. These events work great for larger and smaller teams alike.

What are some of the best ways to engage your staff and get people to communicate between departments? We have some helpful ideas on where to start as you plan your event. Whether you are looking for exciting team building exercises or fun games, we have you covered.

Group Team Building Activities

Have a trivia night, trivia doesn’t have to be reserved for the bar. You can use the same concept to give your staff the opportunity to bond. Make sure the teams are split among different departments to get the most out of this exercise. Conversely use it to foster healthy competition between teams, especially if they are competing sales teams.

Another barroom favorite that works well is karaoke. This is a great way to get everyone out of their comfort zone and mingling together. This will work best if you have mostly extroverts in the group, in which case break out some costuming and props. Perhaps have a contest for the best and worst singer in the group, make it fun and engaging.

How about a childhood favorite, take everyone to laser tag. It can be a blast and requires your staff to think strategically. You will be surprised when you find out who is still a fantastic player. Perhaps they are still hitting up laser tag on the weekends.

Team building Activities for Employees

How about some fun team building games? You could throw a board game night with classic options that will have everyone reminiscing about their childhood. Or have a more formal event like a “who done it” style murder mystery game.

A scavenger hunt or escape room are both excellent ways to foster teamwork and improved communication among the staff. A scavenger hunt could be set up in the office or on any offsite that you hold your event at.

To foster healthy competition among staff have a cooking competition. You could also have a chef come in to teach everyone a cooking class. This gives your staff the opportunity to mingle while learning a new skill.

Leadership Team Building Activities

Empowering your team with more responsibility will inevitably lead to increased confidence and better results. It is worth it to take the time to foster and grow these capabilities among your staff. This will eventually lead to more free time for you as you can trust that they will get things done.

Try to break employees up into groups and have them brainstorm what qualities they find admirable in a leader. You can also go the more formal route and have a professional speaker. Hire an inspiring thought leader to come in to lead a workshop. They can discuss the importance of leadership and what it means to develop these vital business skills.

How about a group session of volunteering? Giving back to the community can be rewarding and so you will be doing double duty with these types of team building activities. You can work together to pack some lunches and hand them out near a local homeless shelter. You could also do a more formal volunteer session at a local soup kitchen.

Create an Unparalleled Experience With Luxury Team Building Activities

Why not give your staff something to remember for years to come? Treat your staff to a fantastic catered dinner with a wine pairing. Have a professional mixologist teach your staff some fun drinks to make libations a learning experience. Give them a relaxing and fun time filled with retreat activities.

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