Why you need Yoga and a Juice Bar on a Private Boat in Cabo

Use your mind’s eye to imagine yourself on a spacious boat, riding the water in beautiful Cabo. The stunning Baja coast provides the perfect eye candy as you partake in a yoga class on the water. You stretch out your muscles, breathe in the fresh air and look forward to the upcoming delicious fresh juice from the juice bar.

Yoga and juice are the perfect combination, especially during a relaxing vacation in Cabo. The best part is you do not have to do any of the work to enjoy these two luxuries on the water. We provide the yoga instructor and the juice bar to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. No matter what type of yoga you prefer, Iyengar, Hatha, or power yoga, you will increase focus and physical and mental health.

Yoga and Juice are the Perfect Combination

Yoga and juice are quickly becoming quite chic amongst fitness enthusiasts and the younger crowd. These two niceties are that much more enjoyable when available together. The fact that you will enjoy these niceties while partaking in a 5-star cruise experience on the stunning waters of Cabo makes them even more rewarding. Yoga stretches out your muscles, enhances your breathing, and is a form of meditation.

Juice infuses nutrients into your system, boosts digestion, and makes you feel that much more refreshed as you soak up the Cabo sun. Grab a juice from our juice bar before, during, or after your yoga session, and you will agree these two perfectly complement one another.

Juice and Yoga Provide a Natural High

Yoga instructors and fitness enthusiasts across the world agree juice and yoga provide a truly unique natural high. The combination of juice and yoga does make the human body feel that much lighter. We are proud to serve fresh cold-pressed juice to each of our Cabo vacationers. Our juice is similar to a liquid version of natural vitamins, providing essential minerals, antibiotics, antioxidants, and living enzymes to improve human health, kind of like nature’s medicine.

Be In Tune With Your Body

If you are like most Cabo vacationers, you are likely to drink your fair share of alcohol, eat delicious food, and fall into the temptation of lounging in the sun for hours. This is precisely why yoga is so important during your Cabo vacation. Yoga provides an opportunity to tune back into your body. Yoga even helps drain the body’s lymph system, bolstering the immune system strength that much more. The vast majority of the vitamins and enzymes within the human body are found within the juice.

Whether you have partied hard or plan to drink or eat like a king or queen, yoga and juice will prove beneficial to your system. No matter your practice level, you will benefit from learning the breathing techniques and may even solve some low back pain. Even if you have remained well-disciplined while enjoying your time in Cabo, the combination of yoga and juice from our juice bar will make you feel that much more balanced and healthy.

It is Time to Relax Your Mind

Cabo vacations should be centered on relaxation. This is not the time to stress out about work, family, or other responsibilities. Engage in yoga, and your mind will finally have the opportunity to relax fully. In short, yoga and juice work as a comprehensive cleansing from the inside of the body on out. This is precisely what you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated during your Cabo stay while deepening your yoga practice.

Pelican Cabo Makes Cabo Dreams Come True

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your private beach club on the waters of Cabo? Pelican Cabo is just Wouldn’t it be nice to have your private beach club on the open ocean? Pelican Cabo can offer you that. Our luxury experience will treat you and your guests like royalty as you take in all that Baja has to offer. All this with no annoying crowds or spring break partiers (unless you invite them of course.)

We offer an array of luxurious amenities ranging from uber-comfortable furniture to customized food selections, restrooms fit for royalty, and so much more. Your floating yoga studio is waiting. Contact us to find out more about living life as it was mean to be lived with Pelican Cabo.

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