Top 9 Cabo Adventures: Fun Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Get Up Close and Personal With the Marine Life

Cabo San Lucas has diverse marine life for all the world to see. There is so much to learn on your Cabo adventures. The clear waters draw thousands of vacationers every year. Come face-to-face with pretty coral reefs and a variety of eccentric fish. Here we will discuss all of the wonderful things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

Fun Cabo adventures are at your fingertips. Adventurous tourists get tons of opportunities. Whale sharks are gentler than other shark species, so swimming with them is a relaxing and family-friendly experience.

Baja California Sur features incredible and unique wildlife. There are many ways to come face to face with the ocean’s animals. Swimming with dolphins, snorkeling on the beaches, and scuba diving are a few ways. 

Go Deep-Sea Fishing in the Ocean

One of Los Cabos’s big sports is deep-sea fishing. Sports fishing lovers get to rent a boat from the nearest charter and map their fishing spot. Most boat charters let you rent between five to eight hours, so you get to spend the day on the ocean.

All year, the fishing in Cabo San Lucas is great. If you want a better chance to catch a particular fish, you have to go at the right time. For example, sports fishers get excited at the thought of Blue Marlin and Black Marlin. Around September, they make themselves known. Adventurous types love the challenge of a deep-sea fishing trip. 

Here are some of the best times to fish for different species throughout the year:

  1. Striped Marlin – November to May
  2. Blue Marlin – July to October
  3. Swordfish – March to June
  4. Wahoo – July to October
  5. Dorado – July to November
  6. Snapper – March to June
  7. Mako Sharks – October to February

Visit beautiful beaches on your Cabo Adventures.

Visit One of Many Beautiful Beaches for Your Cabo Adventures

Tourists know about the breathtaking beaches in Cabo San Lucas. Water taxis help you get from location to location, so you spend more time having fun. So much to do at the beach, go zip lining or see some sea lions.

Every year, the hotspots get more and more famous for their beauty. The most notable ones are Playa Santa Maria and Playa Del Divorcio. Surfers, new couples, vacationing families; everyone has a spot on the beach.

Here are a few of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos:

  1. Playa Monumentos – This beach sits between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. It works well for long walks and surfers. Tourists have a view of El Arco and the rock formations on Land’s End.
  2. Playa Del Amor – This is a public beach that allows a free-range for walking. Also known as “Lover Beach,” Playa Del Amor is famous for couples.
  3. Medano Beach – Medano is a popular swim spot for visitors. Many visitors think of Medano as one of the first things to do in Cabo San Lucas.
  4. Chileno Beach – Because it sits so close to hotels, Chileno is another popular spot for tourists. The calm waters make it a great area to bring your family. 
  5. Cerritos Beach – This spot is safe but not too calm for surfers to have their fun in the Pacific Ocean. There are tons of activities in the area, including horseback riding, boating, and fishing. 

Keep this in mind. Not every beach in Los Cabos is safe. If you want safe Cabo adventures, keep track of the best beaches throughout the year. Some of the beaches have strong undercurrents and drop-offs that go hundreds of feet down. 

Boating is one of many fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

Go on One of the Famous Boat Tours in Cabo San Lucas

One of the first things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take a tour. Boat tours are a great way to get familiar with the land. A tour guide shows you the best hotspots and tells you where to eat, the best places to stay, and more. Book an adventure tour today. 

After your tour, you know more about Los Cabos. You may even find a new spot that piques your interest. For those interested in other areas, one or two day trips to Todos Santos is only 15 minutes away. If you are new to Los Cabos, a boat tour is a way to go.

Find Entertainment and Wonder in Whale Watching

Whale watching takes every single visitor’s breath away. Being face-to-face with some of nature’s largest and most beautiful creatures humbles any person. For those interested in whale watching, figure out the best time of year to go.

Plenty of Los Cabos boat charters will take you whale watching. Most of them host tours during certain times of the year. 

According to most sources, whales are most active between January and March. That varies year-by-year, so it’s best to check before going to Los Cabos.

Enjoy the Vibrant and Exciting Nightlife

For the younger crowd, the Los Cabos nightlife is bustling with new things to do. Dozens of nightclubs light up the beaches in the evening. If you are the type to stay up late to party, Cabo San Lucas is the spot. You could visit the famous Cabo Wabo

Are you a fan of the nightlife? Here are a few Cabo adventures to be had at night:

  1. Find your new favorite bar and drink.
  2. See a band live at one of the large venues. 
  3. Follow the local DJs.
  4. Rent a private boat, and have a party on the water.
  5. Go bar hopping in Downtown Cabo.
  6. Visit Pink Kitty, Nowhere Bar, Sancho’s Bar, or Coco Bongo Los Cabos.

Book a Luxury Cruise for Dinner

Do you feel like eating out? Take your dinner trip to the next level. In Los Cabos, luxury cruises let you eat on the open water. Think about the luxurious experience behind a sunset dinner with your favorite person. 

Every ocean-lover should visit Los Cabos. One of the most relaxing activities involves eating dinner on the water. Nothing sounds better than sitting on a boat and eating fish tacos. Many luxury cruises in the area let you enjoy your dinner on calm waters. 

Enjoy the Open Ocean by Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Swimming

If you want to try something new, look into the ocean activities in the area. There are dozens of activities. You could go snorkeling with sea turtles. Scuba dive in the depths of the ocean, or go for a simple, nice swim.

When people visit the beach, they want to be in the water. Thankfully, Cabo San Lucas has enough water activities to fill every spot on your vacation. 

Do you want to learn how to surf? Does the variety of marine life enamor you? Do you only want to dip your toes? Los Cabos has all of those activities and more.

Enjoy Your Day Trips With Half-Day Tours

If you need a quick getaway, plenty of activities for day trips exist for you and your guests. Sometimes, you want to get away from your daily routine. There are plenty of ways to spend a day in Cabo San Lucas and still have fun. 

Planning a day trip takes time too. You might have too many things to do, and keeping a schedule is hard on a short vacation. Contact us to book a luxury sunset cruise.

A fancy resort like San Jose Cabo Del Sol may be too much for one day. Plan one or two activities to fill the day, so you have fun with little to no stress.

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