The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas teems with historical rock formations. One of the most famous rock formations is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas on the tip of Baja California. It took over a million years for the oceans to form the rock formation.

Other names for the arch include “El Arco de Cabo San” and “Land’s End.” The rock formation formed with strong tides and busy open waters. The southern tip of Baja is a great place to go snorkeling and to see some tropical fish.Take a boat ride to the Cabo San Lucas Arch to explore all of its majesties.

Chileno Bay has an excellent spot for snorkeling to get a closer look at Los Cabos’ marine wildlife. The tip of Baja California is home to sea lions and stingrays.

Places to Stay Near Land’s End

The Los Cabos rock formation is easily accessible with the right tour guide. Most water taxis take you to Land’s End for a minimal fee. Go a bit deeper, and take a sunset tour to make the experience truly great.

The tip of the Baja makes an excellent spot for seclusion and nature-loving tourists. Many hotels sit on the water side for convenience to their guests.

Combine your hotel stay with a sunset cruise to maximize your vacation. Find a boat tour that gives you the full experience near Land’s End.

If you are not a fan of snorkeling or scuba diving, boat tours make a good alternative. A glass-bottom boat is an eccentric way to see the local fish up close.

Sennen Rise

Sennen Rise sits a little over a mile from the Arch de Cabo San Lucas. They have tons of accommodations for luxury-loving vacationers. Get special treatment with dedicated room service, and experience the best that Cabo has to offer.

The Land’s End Hotel

The Land’s End hotel is a good proximity choice within walking distance to the Land’s End landmark. If your trip to Cabo San Lucas revolves around the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, this hotel is a great choice for tourists to save time.

The Old Success Inn

The Old Success Inn sits close to Sennen Cove, so tourists find it easy to walk to the location. It is a place for couples to make their mark in Cabo. The inn’s food is locally sourced, and they give dozens of quality amenities to their guests.

Find Lovers Beach or Divorce Beach Near Land’s End

Another famous landmark near Land’s End is Lovers Beach. This is a famous spot for new couples to get some privacy. The ultra-clear waters and general privacy make it a great spot for an intimate walk on the beach.

There are no commercial buildings, so walking on Lovers Beach feels secluded and private. Pack the essentials before the trip to have a long, comfortable day on the beach.

Lovers Beach got its name from the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean right on the tip of Land’s End. The sunny spot is a good place to enjoy the beach.

Divorce Beach sits on the pacific side of the Baja California Peninsula. The beach is not open to walks because of the steep rock formations. Instead, you have to get there by boat.

Divorce Beach is another popular area for tourists to visit. Much like Lovers Beach and Land’s End, it is teeming with wildlife.

Other Points of Interest in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula

Underwater Sand Waterfalls

The Gulf of California has tons of interesting natural landmarks. One of the best spots to visit is one of the many sand waterfalls.

Natural landmarks are a big hotspot for nature-loving tourists. Originally discovered in 1959, sand waterfalls got popular immediately.

To see an authentic sand waterfall, you have to scuba dive. Scuba divers have to dive around 100 feet to see the waterfalls in all of their glory. Marine life makes the spaces around sand waterfalls their home, so you may also come face-to-face with a broad fish population.

Sierra de la Giganta

Baja California has eccentric mountain ranges. The Sierra de la Giganta sits on the eastern side of Baja California Sur. Tourists love this region for its secluded hikes. Adventurers love the chance to see new wildlife and have a quiet hike through the mountains.

Cabo San Lucas Canyon Activities

Adventurous tourists love to explore the vast canyons just outside of Cabo San Lucas. Plenty of events exist, including horseback riding and ATV tours.

If you want a quick way to explore the land, renting a tour via ATV lets you cover a lot of ground. Tourists with a taste for a different activity find camelback rides fun. Adrenaline-seeking canyon activities include zip-lining and bungee jumping.
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