Prepare for Cabo San Lucas Weather Before Your Trip

The number one rule of any vacation is to check the weather before you go! Cabo San Lucas weather is heavily affected by the equator, the beach, and the mainland. Learn about the best times of year to visit Los Cabos and Cabo weather.

The average weather changes month-to-month. Before you pack a swimsuit, you want to know about a tropical storm on the horizon. Don’t let the weather ruin your trip! Figure out this month’s climate before you take a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Read more about Cabo San Lucas weather below.

Cabo San Lucas Weather by Month

Cabo San Lucas weather is very mixed, depending on the month. One minute, you get sunny and clear skies. The next minute, there is a tropical storm on the horizon. Keep this in mind before you plan your latest vacation.

Someone new to the land cannot predict the weather. Instead, you want to look up the ideal climate for that month. Then, you should check the news in the area for any patterns in the weather.

If there are tons of showers and storms that week, perhaps you should delay your trip. It is better to postpone and save money than to waste money on a costly hotel stay.

Take a look at the average temperature for the week and month. Figure out the coldest month in Cabo San Lucas, see if there are any rainy days, and try to schedule for the warmest month.

The average sea temperatures change too! You want a comfortable sea temperature. The Sea of Cortez usually stays warm, but it has cold months also.

The low 70’s may be too cold for the average tourist, and chilly water makes your beach trip dull and boring. If your whole trip revolves around the beach, keep track of water temperatures.

Cabo Weather in January

Baja, California, is only 1,800 miles away from the equator. In general, the land is warm and humid. January is far from hurricane season, and that may be a great time to visit Cabo San Lucas.

Mid-December to January are great times to visit for those who are happy in 80-degree weather. Despite it being a winter month, Cabo San Lucas weather stays warm at the start of the year. If 80 degrees is uncomfortable, there are plenty of alternatives to a beach day.

Plenty of trip reports with great ideas exist on the internet. It only takes a bit of research, and you find something new to do. Walking around Cabo is another way to get into something new. Find free Wi-Fi, hook yourself up to the internet, and start browsing for your dream trip.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in February

Cabo San Lucas weather in February is similar to January. The heat is do-able for those used to hotter weather. Cooler nights with lower humidity make February a comfortable time to visit Cabo San Lucas.

Vacation activities still happen in February. Nothing in the resort is closed, and people consider it a good time of year to visit. You do not see any real changes in the weather until March and April hit.

Cabo Weather in March

March weather bumps up a few degrees, getting a bit hotter. This part of the year sees little to no rain, so it is perfect for outdoor activities. Swimming may be a bit cold for some tourists, so have a wetsuit ready.

Some tourists may need jackets or sweaters at night. It is usually mild, but chilly weather is possible. If you are walking in Cabo at night, make sure that you stay warm.

The exact climate in March makes one of the best months of the year for whale watching. Most sites state that December to April is the perfect time for whale watching. The Pacific side shows adult Humpback Whales migrating for the year.

However, the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources sets the best time year-by-year. They monitor the patterns of the whales to see if and when they will visit Cabo. Stay up to date with them on their website.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in April

Once April hits, it starts heating up in Cabo San Lucas. Almost no rain makes its way to the peninsula. On top of that, there are no clouds, and the sun starts getting hot.

April marks the end of the shoulder season. Spring break vacationers start making their way to the resort. Downtown Cabo hits its peak during this time of year. It is the perfect season for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

For those who liked their October-November trip, the business of April spring break may be overwhelming.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in May

The time for warm weather is over in May. Instead, temperatures start getting hotter than most people can handle. May has an average high of 91 degrees, and it is known to reach record high temperatures in the hundreds.

Nighttime gives tourists some time to cool down. The average temperature at night is around 72 degrees. May is the best time of year to have a busy vacation with new adventures. May is when to go if you are looking for packed beaches with young people searching for some fun.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in June

Humidity starts making its mark in June. Most of the time, tourists are safe from the rain during this month. June is the driest month in Cabo, but it varies year-by-year. The month-long rainfall rarely goes past one inch.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in July

July strongly picks up the pace for fun-seeking vacationers. June-July is one of the hottest and most popular times of year to visit. July and August have the highest temperatures, and sun-loving tourists take advantage.

Lots of young vacationers make their way to Cabo San Lucas for the adults-only clubs. July is the peak season for wild trip memories. While some tourists enjoy a short walk on the beach, others enjoy diving into the nightlife.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in August

Because of the peak season in August, plenty of fishing tournaments take place. Fishing fans love scouting for blue marlin between July and September. Peak fishing season depends on the year in Cabo, and tourists should do their research before diving in.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in September

The rainy season starts in August and September. Weather in Cabo is unpredictable, but there is a strong chance of hurricanes. Tourists should be wary of the random Cabo San Lucas weather after September.

Cabo Weather in October

Temperatures stay hot in early October. Enjoy the summer weather and fewer crowds during this quieter month to visit Cabo San Lucas, and hotels start to get cheaper.

Look at a site map before diving into any activities. Most things might be closed for the year.

The water is warm in October, so fun on the beach is still possible. Many spring break vacationers go home, so quiet-loving tourists should take advantage.

Cabo Weather in November

The sun still shines brightly in November. Usually, humidity starts to go down, and there is less of a chance for rain. Cabo San Lucas weather varies year-by-year, but mid-November is the best time for low humidity and warm temperatures.

November is the best time of year to spend a week in Cabo. That gives you plenty of time to do lots of fun activities. There is still a slight chance for tropical storms, and checking the weather beforehand is a safe choice.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in December

December in Cabo San Lucas marks the most comfortable temperatures. It is the dead of winter, but tourists should expect high 70’s with warm waters. Bring a light jacket, and enjoy a nice walk on the beach.

In December, the resort has fewer tourists. Los Cabos lovers get a more intimate and one-on-one experience. This is an excellent time of year to receive world-class service for cheap.

Cabo in December is the best time for family trips. Most of the wild partying die down by this time. Instead, quieter surroundings make it perfect for calm water activities.

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