Marriage Proposal Ideas Proven to get to “I Do”

It may be stressful as you approach the time to pop the question to that special someone. You will be under a ton of pressure to get things right and plan the perfect moment. We have some tips that will improve your odds of getting to yes when you pop the big question, here are some of the best marriage proposal ideas.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Ideas

You may be feeling pressure to ensure that your sweetie is completely surprised by the question, but chances are that they will have some inclination that this is coming. Only about one-third of proposees surveyed said they didn’t expect the proposal. In some cases, you may even want to drop hints beforehand if you feel your partner would not enjoy being caught off guard by the engagement ring.

There may be other ways to pop the question with a surprise, even if your partner is expecting the proposal soon. Be creative with your proposal plan; perhaps take out an ad in the local paper. Alternatively, you can write it in the sand and take your partner on a romantic walk for a beach proposal. If you are good with plants, you could write the question out in flowers the garden and take them for a stroll with the ring in hand.

If it is close to your partner’s birthday, you could organize a birthday party and pop the question there. That way, you can celebrate the engagement with friends and family on the spot. Give them the best birthday of their lives, along with something to talk about for years to come.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

You can send your partner on an adventure, perhaps with some close friends and family. Pick romantic locations such as where you first met or went on your first date and leave notes for them to figure out where the next clue lies. Again, chances are that they will be on to your plan. It will be worth it to have this super fun and memorable experience.

At some point, while your beloved is out and about on the hunt, you could also have your proposal written in the air. Skywriting is a beautiful expression of your love and has long been considered one of the best marriage proposal ideas. You could even hide the ring somewhere romantic, just be sure you are secure that it is safe wherever it is hidden.

Propose at a Restaurant

This tried and true venue for the wedding proposal may feel a touch dated or cliché. Certain people are going to prefer simple proposal ideas. There are ways to keep fresh. It could also be very appropriate if you go to the restaurant you had your first date. Also, if your partner is a foodie taking them to a higher-end restaurant to have an experiential meal might be just perfect.

Make sure you call ahead, the restaurant may do something special for you if you let them know in advance. You can also have the proposal written on a dessert plate to ensure a happy ending to your meal. Chances are they will give you a few glasses of bubbly on the house to commemorate your special occasion. You could also have a special label printed on a bottle of wine with your proposal on it and present it at the meal.

Destination Marriage Proposal Ideas

Do you and your partner love to travel? Make it a romantic getaway for two, one of the most romantic ways to propose. It is likely that you have a favorite place that is special, or somewhere you have always talked about visiting. You could set up a hotel room with roses and champagne, creating the perfect atmosphere to get to “I do.”

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