Love Stand-Up Paddle Board? How a Cabo Boat Rental Makes It Even Better

Ocean lovers, vacationers, and everyone in between; let’s explore our experiences on the open ocean. Surf, fish, tour, and relax; you have every option with the right stand-up paddle board. Make ocean exploration a crucial part of your dream vacation. A Cabo boat rental makes your day on the water even better. Let’s turn your vacation into a fun, safe experience for you and your family. 

Get the full experience by renting a private boat to enjoy the open ocean. Plenty of yacht charters make their home in Cabo San Lucas. Finding the best private yacht takes some research.

Stand-up paddle boarding on your vacation is fun and versatile. There are plenty of options, including touring, surfing, racing, and fishing. Turn stand-up paddle boarding into your favorite activity, and make every moment an adventure.

Below, we talk about safety when paddling surf, tips and tricks, and how to make the most of your journey. 

A Stand-up Paddle Board vs. a Surf Board

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is different from surfing. Surfing requires incredible balance and does not have a paddle. Surfers rely on waves, and they use their weight to control the board. 

Most people consider stand-up paddle boards easier than surfing. Surfing requires strong waves to push the surfer through the water. SUP does not need aggressive water. Flat water with no wind is optimal for easy paddle boarding. 

Surfboards are lighter and shorter. They need speed for balance. Surfing is much faster, depending on the speed of the wave. In general, surfing is a skill that requires more experience and balance.

On the other hand, stand-up paddle boards are family-friendly because of their stability and ease of use. Multiple people safely use one paddle board all the time. Paddle boarders do not need to use their bodies to propel themselves through the water. Less balance is required to stay upright.

How to Stand-up Paddle Board Safely in Cabo San Lucas

Safe Stand-up paddle boarding depends on different skill levels. The activity is safe in general and easy to learn. There are a few things to consider, including weight capacity, the type of paddling, and boat rentals. Use these tips and tricks to have the safest experience on your vacation.

Stand-up Paddle Board for the Adventurous Beginner

Paddle board beginners should stay close to safe spaces. A Cabo boat rental makes the experience safer and more fun. More than likely, you need an instructor to help you learn the basics.

Plenty of beginners paddle board for the first time. It is easier than most people think, but there are a few things to consider before jumping in the deep end. 

Pay close attention to the weight capacity and board length. You may need something broader and longer to keep you stable. Always wear floatation devices in the open ocean.

Most beginner boarders start on their knees. Being lower on the board makes it easier to keep balance. Taller people may have more trouble balancing than shorter people. Practice makes perfect, so try your best to learn how to balance. 

If you are afraid of falling, you need a soft deck pad. Solid boards hurt, and there is always the chance to fall on one. That is why a stand-up paddleboard can be intimidating to newbies.

An inflatable stand-up paddle board or a soft top is more comfortable. Look for a board that includes an action pump and adjustable paddle. Also, you may want to try a wider board as narrower boards may be more challenging. 

Tips and Tricks for Beginners on a Stand-up Paddle Board

The number one tip is safety first. Here are some ways to stay safe on the open waters:

  1. Use a leash to connect yourself to your board. If you are a weak swimmer, this tip is incredibly important. Have a plan, and if you fall off of your board, remember your leash.
  2. Test your paddle board on calm water. Make sure that you are comfortable, and look out for any bends or warping in your board.
  3. The right posture is critical. Stand up straight, and keep your head high. Boarding is a full-body workout, and it is easy to get tired. You should not be slumped over. If you are, you may be using the wrong type of paddle board.
  4. Check the weather. Sometimes, things catch us off guard. It is better to wait a day than to get caught in a storm or choppy waters.
  5. Be aware of surfers and other paddlers. Always check your surroundings. Colliding with another border causes injuries, and you do not want to put a damper on your vacation.
Different Types of Paddling

Competitive racers in Cabo San Lucas have dozens of options. Carbon fiber paddlers are for more experienced boarders. They are excellent for a well-balanced speed. If you are the racing type, carbon fiber works the best. 

An inflatable stand-up paddle board works amazingly for casual boarders. Having an inflatable stand is comfortable for relaxing on the water. Hard paddle boards allow more control on the water, and softer paddleboards work for everyday usage. 

If you are a casual boarder or a beginner, plenty of all-around boards exist. This is a family-friendly option for a relaxing day on the water. 

A planing hull works like a displacement hull on boats. They distribute weight to glide on top of the water. Gliding decreases resistance and reduces the risk of falling. The faster you move, the higher the planing hull is on top of the water. 

Drop stitch is a new material for touring boards. Creators stretch it across the top and bottom of boards for more buoyancy. The material makes the boards lighter, and they float more easily on top of the water. Drop stitch is an excellent way to keep boards from warping or being too heavy. 

Epoxy works best for open-ocean boarding. The material comes in all shapes and sizes, and it works excellently in choppy water. Get the best experience on the open sea with an epoxy paddle board.

Keep the right type of paddle board in mind. Most paddle boards have a guarantee of 60 days. That is plenty of time to test it on the water without wasting money. If your board is the right fit, take it on your vacation, and start your adventure. 

A Cabo Boat Rental Will Compliment Your Paddle Boarding

Many people love the open ocean. Getting far into the water feels like absolute freedom. Quite a few paddle boarders use boat rentals to get further from the beach. Long-distance boarders use the open ocean to relax on their vacation.

Enjoy your sunset cruise on a luxury yacht. The luxury resort has a lot to offer. Ocean lovers and nightlife enthusiasts enjoy their time in Cabo. Take your family and friends on an unforgettable adventure. 

Rent a boat in Cabo San San Lucas to get away from the noise. Your vacation should be enjoyable and relaxing. Once you find perfect touring boards for your vacation, the rest is a piece of cake. Find a Cabo boat rental, pick your spot, and loosen up in the open water.

End Your Day on the Water With a Sunset Cruise

A stand-up paddle board and the clear, open water is a dream for any ocean lover. Cabo San Lucas is full of sunny days and adventures. Try combining paddle boarding with your Cabo boat rental. In gentle waters, experience family-friendly fun and unforgettable memories.

The most beautiful part of paddling surf is freedom in the beautiful, wide-open ocean. Ocean and sunlight make every getaway perfect. Finding a boat in Cabo San Lucas is easy for luxury-loving vacationers. 

Are you looking for the perfect boat? Pelican Cabo offers a luxury Cabo boat rental. We wish you an excellent getaway on the beach and in the ocean.

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