Adult Birthday Ideas: How to Throw The Best Party

No matter if You Are Celebrating a Dirty Thirty or a Classy Milestone Birthday This is Your Guide for Adult Birthday Ideas

As the years go by, we take the time to celebrate certain milestones on the way. Here are the best adult birthday ideas, whether you are throwing a dirty thirty for your best friend or a 60th for dad. These fun birthday party ideas for adults will ensure everyone has a good time. 

Earlier in life, the important milestone birthdays are the ages of 1, 13, 16, 18, and 21. Celebrations of those younger years provide great memories. As we reach full adulthood we usually throw a large celebration to commemorate only once every decade, called a milestone birthday. 

Are you looking to celebrate a special milestone for a close friend or family member? Here are some great ideas to keep people entertained and give your loved one an experience to remember.

Unforgettable 30th birthday Ideas

Let’s admit it 30 is a pretty big deal. It is a fun birthday to celebrate because the guests of honor usually feel much older than they are in the greater scheme of their lives. It is best to take a light-hearted and humorous approach when celebrating this birthday with your close friends, as they may be quite sensitive about progression into their third decade. 

Why not throw a surprise party to celebrate your loved one’s passage into their 30s? To execute this fun idea effectively you may need a co-conspirator to work out the details. It will be well worth the work to see the look on your friend or loved one’s face and throw a great party.

If you go the surprise route make sure you make it very clear on the invitations that the party is a surprise. Coming up with some excuse to get your loved one to the specified location can be quite the challenge. Bonus points if they think they are going to some less than fun events like a work function or spouse’s family reunion. 

Having a fun theme with matching costuming can be a great adult birthday party idea. You could have everyone dress like they are from the ’80s or ’90s. Or how about a roaring a 1920s reboot? You could create a playlist with killer tracks from the decade that you have chosen for your theme. You could also curate a food and beverage menu to match. For example, for the ‘90s you could have a cooler full of Zema with a side of Cheetos and Dorritos. 

Planning an Over the Hill Party

Celebrating any of the decades after 30 can be an over the hill themed party. Again, make sure you keep it fun and playful as many people get sensitive about their age as the years go on. If you think they may be offended, you may consider different adult birthday ideas.

Of course, you still need to have fun with it, perhaps using black decorations and showcasing a grim reaper. You can use some props to get laughs such as adult diapers and denture cream, or food items geared towards the elderly such as prunes or Ensure. 

You can offer props such as walkers or grey wigs for the guests. It could be entertaining to have a game such as a wheelchair race. The more humorous the props you have the more fun it will be. Be sure to hire a photographer or rent a photo booth to document this event as everyone is sure to have a blast.  

Adult Birthday Ideas for the Most Memorable Celebration

You could get mystical with it and hire a tarot card reader to come read cards for your guests. A unique experience is a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone event. Alternatively, you could hire an astrologer to come to do people’s charts and tell them what is in the stars as a way to keep guests entertained. 

If your guest of honor is a health nut you could arrange for everyone to go on a hike or take a yoga class or throw a spa party. You could also bring in a yoga teacher to guide everyone, just be sure that the teacher is ready to do an all-levels class. It is sure that after breaking a sweat your guest will be thirsty! Plan for a wine pairing or staff a mixologist to make sure everyone has a blast. 

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