How to Maximize the Experience of Your Yoga Retreat

Congratulations! You put in the hard work and sweat to pass your yoga teacher training. Are you ready to host your first yoga retreat? You can seriously ramp up your income as a yoga instructor by starting a retreat business.

Not only will you increase your income, but you also get to travel to exotic places. Think Costa Rica, Cabo, or just about any tropical location that would be suitable for international yoga retreats.

It is a lucrative venture as there are always people looking to invest in their health and unique inspiring experiences. Be ready as there are many factors to consider as you embark on this venture.

Remember that a yoga retreat is a week-long yoga vacation with a purpose. Your job as the runner of the retreat is to curate a once in a lifetime experience and show your attendees a fantastic time. Relax and have fun. You are going to do great.

Put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and design the experience with them in mind. What makes for a great yoga retreat? How can you ensure they have a memorable time and the body and mind experience they came for? What can you do to make them feel more welcome and at home?

Build out your Yoga Retreat Business Plan

Like any other business venture, you will need a business plan. Think about the things a fabulous yoga retreat includes.

What is your vision for this experience? Will you include yoga and meditation? Perhaps a guided meditation?

Make sure to choose an excellent location to guarantee success. Think beyond the traditional retreat center, picture sand beaches, and the pacific ocean. Somewhere that you would want to relax and get a spa treatment.

Then manage your costs and figure out what you will charge each attendee to partake in this adventure, and what your profit will be. From there move on to planning classes and what to do to entertain and nourish your guests during the downtime.

Take time to consider your yoga retreat itinerary. Having a plan in place will provide your guests with a great experience. Make sure your class flow is thoughtful, and you consider what to do between sessions. Think about an activity that combines yoga with an everyday event to encourage attendees to add yoga into their free time off the mat. Perhaps give your attendees a gift like some palo santo or rose quartz.

Ensuring there are enough activities and enough rest for the specified group you are taking on your yoga journey is a must. Decide on an overarching theme for your yoga retreat, and design the retreat to support the theme you decided on. Some great ideas are self-care, willingness, surrender, and balance.

You will need liability insurance for Yoga Retreats

Make sure you have some insurance just in case. Also, take the time to interview all of the attendees before the excursion to ensure you know their medical needs and problem areas in their practice. You don’t want to push your students past their ability level. Have them fill out emergency contact forms before just in case there is a worst-case scenario.

Prepare, prepare, and over-prepare; unforeseen events are always bound to pop up. If you have been planning for months, you will be ready for them. You can never truly plan for all of the events that life will throw at you, but brace yourself for what you can. Remember that you are the one in charge and leading this retreat. The more ready you are, the more relaxed others will stay in the event of some unfortunate circumstances.

Plan to Advertise your Yoga Retreat

Think about who is most likely to attend and how to appeal to them. For example, if you think a younger hipper crowd is likely, perhaps take out some social media ads.

Is there any opportunity to put up fliers in your local studio or coffee shop? If so, it certainly helps if you have some unique feature or benefit to make your retreat stand out (for example, check out this yoga retreat on a luxury private charter.)

Begin to plan how you will get the word out about your retreat! If you plan to host many regular retreats, remember that word of mouth is the best advertising. Give your attendees a fantastic experience and the success of future ventures is all but guaranteed.

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