Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Concerns: Avoid Crowds With a Private Cabo Sunset Cruise

Travel and tourism are more complicated in the time of COVID-19. You do not want to put your family at risk, but you also do not want to put your life on hold. It is possible to find an excellent medium by taking a safe, private Cabo sunset cruise. Additionally, listening to all updates on the state of the Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus.

Things look more positive with the promise of a vaccine. However, experts say that we will not see true results until mid-2021. In the meantime, people want to get on with their lives. Having a socially-distanced vacation is a well-balanced solution.

If you are still planning your vacation, we have a few solutions for you. This article talks about safety rules, the latest updates, social distancing, and private activities to enjoy in Cabo. To plan a safe vacation in Cabo, keep reading!

Avoid the Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus: Health and Safety Protocol for Your Vacation

1.   Wear Masks.

Wearing a mask protects you against airborne illnesses. This is one of the CDC’s main protocols, along with social distancing. If you go in public, wear a mask to shield yourself and those around you.

2. Wash Your Hands.

Make handwashing a consistent habit. Washing your hands eliminates the risk of the virus. If you come into contact with an infected surface, hand washing is your best defense.

Clean your hands before you eat, touch your face, after using the bathroom, and after coughing.

Spend at least 20 seconds scrubbing your hands with soap and water. Stay steady with handwashing throughout the day. If you are out in public, keep a supply of hand sanitizer.

3. Avoid Touching Your Face.

Touching your face transmits the virus. If you touch an infected surface, do not touch your face. When you are in public, keep track of high-traffic surfaces—coming into contact with a thing that other people touch puts you at higher risk of infection.

4. Avoid Crowds, and Maintain Social Distancing

You are on vacation, but the virus spreads terribly in crowds. Be sure to avoid them in Cabo! Try to find select locations, book private tours, use private water taxis, and maintain social distancing.

Sadly, a party cruise is not the right choice. During times like this, you want to stay with your guests and avoid mingling. The last thing that you want is many forms of exposure.

5. High-Risk People Should Stay Home.

High-risk people need to maintain safety protocols. Pick a safe spot for your vacation, and be extra wary.

Many hotels reopen on June 15th with new safety guidelines. Keep track of your hotel’s precautions, especially before your stay. The last thing that high-risk people need is exposure, so try to plan your vacation carefully.

6. Stay Up-To-Date With the CDC and the Los Cabos Tourism Board

If you live in the United States, you know about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They often release new guidelines to keep you safe and healthy. During the pandemic, they put out tips for your safety.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board offers updates to potential vacationers. They give vacationers advice for the safest activities. Since the Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus is at a medium-risk, your vacation is not in danger as long as you stay safe.

The CDC provides plenty of tools for worried citizens. One of their most essential tools is the COVID Data Tracker, which tracks confirmed cases. Know about viral hotspots like Mexico City, places to avoid, hospitalizations, and instances of new COVID-19 cases. It updates every day, so check it out before making any significant choices.

What to Expect in Regards to Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus

Lots of companies have new guidelines for a safe vacation. For example, when you visit the Los Cabos International Airport, they have a health survey. They used to require tests to enter the area, but they do require a constant face covering.

Luckily for you, there is no quarantine requirement. As of October 2020, the State Health Department reduced COVID’s risk level to “medium risk.” This lets you enjoy your vacation with no hang-ups. If you are not sick, visiting Cabo is similar to Pre-COVID times.

The Los Cabos International Airport still takes flights. If you are flying from Los Angeles, you may have to wait until June 15th. Many hotels and flights are still closed, but as things get better, businesses will reopen.

Plan Your Socially Distanced Vacation

Plenty of activities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, involve social distancing. Worry less about getting sick, and enjoy a laid back vacation instead. You meet fewer people, but you and your family get to stay safe.

Scuba Diving

The virus is airborne, so how about a deep dive into the ocean? Water sports let you stay outdoors and keep you safe from the virus. Take a scuba diving tour to avoid large crowds.

Many scuba diving teachers maintain social distancing by taking one tour at a time. Research private scuba guides, and relax away from infected crowds!


If you want an intimate experience, snorkeling is the way to go. Book a snorkeling guide, or use your own gear on your Cabo vacation. The waters in Los Cabos stay warm all year; go during the winter to avoid large crowds.

Socially Distanced Walks on the Beach

Depending on the time of your visit, the beaches in Los Cabos are quiet. Try to avoid more popular beaches with lots of traffic. Book hotel, restaurants, and other places with a private beach, or go to less popular locations.

Book Private Tours

Have you ever traveled to Cabo San Lucas? Plenty of tour guides let you book private tours. You and your family get the benefit of a personal experience with a private tour. Choose your favorite location, and find the right tour guide for your stay.

If you have a large party, your tour guide may suggest sailing catamarans. Their split cabins let you socially distance more effectively.

For added protection, be sure to study guidelines beforehand. Many tour guides avoid larger groups, and you may get the entire tour to yourself. Unique private tours cost more, but they are safer for you and your family.

Visit the Natural Attractions in Los Cabos

Between the desert and the beach, Los Cabos hosts numerous natural attractions. Finding an excluded beach may be hard during the spring and the summer. If you want privacy, a winter trip is the better choice.

Consider seeing the areas around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. San Jose Del Cabo is an alternative for cautious tourists. If you book a stay in San Jose Del Cabo, it is still close enough to enjoy similar activities.

Plenty of private tours go to natural attractions too. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Cuadro San Francisco, Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve; do your research! It is easy to find private areas or socially distanced natural attractions.

A Private Cabo Sunset Cruise

What is the best way to get away from the crowd and have a relaxing evening? Take a cruise ship to Cabo San Lucas, and enjoy your time on the water. Luxury sunset sailing is popular, but it is entirely possible to socially distance.

A private Cabo sunset cruise is what you need for a safe, calm vacation. Make memories with your family, and watch the spectacular sunset. If luxury sunset sailing sounds too costly, eco-tours work also. This may be a better choice for larger parties or smaller budgets.

Expect a Cabo sunset cruise to take between 2 to 3 hours. During the winter, they may last from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. For those who can afford it, privacy is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy a first-class event with a private cruise in Cabo!

Two to three hours is plenty of time to enjoy a sunset dinner. Visiting the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful waters is romantic and intimate. Depending on your budget, the right sunset cruise hosts an open bar, private tours, and even whale watching.

Book a Whale Watching Tour

Are you visiting Cabo San Lucas in the winter? That is the perfect time to book a whale watching tour! The right tour guide lets you book a private boat. Depending on where you say, you may come across dolphins, a sea lion colony, and other marine life too!

Check up on the tour guide’s guidelines too. Make sure that they mention social distancing, cleanliness practices, and safety concerns. Enjoy your beautiful sunset cruise on the Pelican Cabo.

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