Cabo San Lucas Beaches: 4 Swimmable Beaches in Cabo

While visiting the Cabo San Lucas beaches, it is important to remember one thing. Not all beaches in Cabo are swimmable! Sometimes, the waves are too rough, and there are dangerous undercurrents. Other times, steep drop-offs make it unsafe to swim too far. Don’t worry, we have your guide to golden sand and finding a beautiful beach in Cabo San Lucas!

While visiting Cabo San Lucas, be sure to study the areas beforehand. Plenty of popular beaches have safe swim spots. In popular spots, you may see green, yellow, red, or blue flags. The flags let you know about the safety of the water on that particular day. Pay attention to them to keep you and your family safe on your Los Cabos trip!

Where Are the Swimmable Cabo San Lucas Beaches?

Medano Beach

Medano Beach is the most popular beach in Los Cabos. Expect a denser crowd, more restaurants, beach clubs,  and amenities in this area. 

Because of its fame, the area fills with tourists. Around certain times of the year, Medano Beach is an excellent spot for social vacationers.

Santa Maria Beach

The fine sands in Santa Maria Beach make it a great destination. The waters are calm for the bulk of the year. When you visit, be sure to view the safety precautions and check the waters before swimming. Because of its fame, expect big crowds in the middle of the day. 

Palmilla Beach

San Jose del Cabo is the spot to go for smaller crowds. Palmilla Beach features fewer restaurants and vendors, but it is a quiet getaway from other tourists. Get to this area by water taxi or a car rental. You may be in for a drive, but the views are worth it in the end! 

Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach is the perfect spot for a more private day near the ocean. The calm waters make it ideal for snorkeling, and it is easy to reach by water taxi. It does not have as many luxury amenities as other high-end beaches, however. Go to this seashore for a moderate family trip instead.

What Do Blue Flags Mean on Cabo San Lucas Beaches?

Blue flags help tourists know about the quality of the water. An oceanfront gets its blue flag certification from the Foundation for Environmental Certification. The beach should meet its needs for marine life conservation and safe waters.

The Foundation for Environmental Certification checks the water often for its quality. When you see a blue flag beach, the waters are safe. The vendors in the area do their duty to keep the beaches safe and sustainable.

Is Swimming in the Pacific Ocean Safe?

The Pacific Ocean has much rougher waters than the Sea of Cortez. The currents are too rough and dangerous for any level of swimmer. Weak swimmers need to avoid rough waters at all costs.  

Most of the safer beaches are on the east side of the Baja Peninsula.

When you swim in the Pacific Ocean, you have to worry about jellyfish, colder waters, and riptides. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a popular spot because of its beautiful rock formations. However, it sits right on the tip of Baja California, making its waters rough. 

Divorce Beach is another popular Pacific Ocean beach. Many people want to visit the area because it is so well-known. However, the rough ocean waters make it difficult to swim in the area. The shore is also hard to access by foot, and it has little to no lifeguards.

If you want to swim, try to stay on the eastern side of Cabo. The Sea of Cortez experiences much safer waters, and they are warmer. An eccentric vacation is your goal, but do not put yourself at risk!

Which Luxurious Hotels Have Private Beaches in Cabo San Lucas?

Las Ventanas

Vacationing in Cabo San Lucas takes a comfortable turn at Las Ventanas. The resort sits directly in front of the Sea of Cortez. Its seaside access is one of many luxury amenities. Las Ventanas sits perfectly in between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. 

Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito stars six different beach resorts. Its firm standing in Mexico makes it the perfect stay for Cabo vacationers. Compared to other 5-star hotels, the resort is a much cheaper stay for way more perks. The Los Cabos Beach resort sits on a perfect spot near the Sea of Cortez for swimming.

RIU Palace

RIU Palace gives its guests the best all-inclusive features. Get the best oceanfront views and luxurious amenities in Cabo. The resort sits close to City Tours in Los Cabos, giving you options for your daily activities. The palace is very close to the beach, so you get the benefits of an all-inclusive stay.

What Other Activities Can You Do on the Cabo San Lucas Beaches?

Finding swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas is only half the fun. There are other ways to enjoy swimmable beaches too! For those in need of a well-rounded vacation, there are plenty of new things to try.

Here are a few other things to do on Cabo San Lucas beaches:

Do any of these activities sound fun? Pelican Cabo offers tours, luxury cruises, and other fun things to do. Take a look at our rich ventures to show you and your family a fun time in Cabo!

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