Boat Rental Cabo San Lucas: Quick Guide to a Stylish Cabo Cruise

Looking for the best boat rental Cabo San Lucas has to offer? Your vacation on the water is only a few clicks away! Whether you want a nice Cabo cruise or your private yacht, plenty of options work for vacationers.

Explore the Sea of Cortez on a beautiful sunset cruise. The perfect vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is easy to find. Plenty of yacht charters provide a safe, exciting experience for their guests.

The Best Boating Destinations in Los Cabos

Boating destinations make your trip that much more exciting. Plenty of spots live and breathe on the Baja California Peninsula.

Here are some excellent boating destinations in and around Los Cabos:

  • Land’s End Rock
  • Lover’s Beach
  • The Pacific Ocean End of the Baja California Peninsula
  • Medano Beach
  • Playa Palmilla

Every boating tour has its special destinations. Before you rent a tour, ask the captain about their destinations. If you want to visit somewhere special, be sure to get advice from the boating tour. They will let you know in their roster, and you walk away happy!

Why Rent a Boat Over Taking a Cruise?

Since COVID-19, social distancing is an important part of vacation planning. Taking a Cabo cruise exposes you to more risks. You and your family should always consider safety during a vacation. A boat rental in Cabo San Lucas means a safer, healthier trip.

There are pros and cons to taking a rental versus a cruise. A cruise may take you to other destinations, such as Canada, New England, the Caribbean, Europe, and more. If you want a world tour vacation, a Cabo cruise is the better choice.

Cruises to Cabo San Lucas go straight to your favorite destinations and beyond. The cruise port in the area sits right around downtown and is highly accessible.

For a more intimate, quick experience, a boat in Cabo San Lucas is better. A cruise ship is a longer commitment, and a boat rental Cabo San Lucas offers better for a day on the water. Use a boat rental to go whale watching or get a look at some sea lions.

If you need to get from one area to another, a water taxi works the best. A water taxi in Cabo is a fun way to reach new destinations. It is nothing like a sunset cruise, but the convenience is worth it!

How to Stay Safe in Los Cabos

Safety is a number one priority on any vacation. There are a few things to consider before diving into your trip. Many guests wonder about the safety of Los Cabos. Precautions make vacationers feel secure!

Take a look at these tips and tricks for vacation safety:

  • Research the safest beaches in Cabo San Lucas.
  • Understand the laws of the area, and abide by them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and take note of anything suspicious.
  • Remember to socially distance during the pandemic.
  • Research businesses before paying them for their services.
  • Carry cash, and have backup forms of payments.
  • Keep track of any dangerous wildlife and areas.

Remember to research your destination spots! The town of San Jose Del Cabo possesses a different feeling than Los Cabos itself. If you want to visit another spot like San Jose Del Cabo or Todos Santos, do your due diligence for those areas too.

Things to Do on Your Boat Rental Cabo San Lucas:

Go Parasailing

Parasailing is a fun water activity. Most captains give you the option to parasail in special locations. The water on the Sea of Cortez is beautiful, and experiencing it from the sky is a life-changing activity.

Tour the Beautiful Rock Formations

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas features beautiful rock formations. For landscape lovers, renting a boat to see the Arch of Cabo is a great destination. The best boat rental Cabo San Lucas has to offer knows the best spots. Pick your captain, know your destination, and spend your vacation on the water.

Find the Best Snorkeling Spots

Go to Santa Maria Beach, and have some family-friendly snorkeling fun. Snorkeling is a safe way to socially distance, and you also have the full Cabo experience. Get up close and personal with the wildlife and explore the coral reefs!

Finding a safe spot to snorkel is important. Not all of the waters are safe for swimming. Do your research, and stay safe during your trip.

Here are some great spots to snorkel in Los Cabos:

  • Pelican Rock near Land’s End.
  • The breathtaking Santa Maria Bay.
  • Playa Chileno
  • Cabo Pulmo
  • Palmilla Beach

Throw an Unforgettable Nightlife Bash

Lovers of the nightlife rent boats for one reason only: to throw amazing parties. If your renting company allows it, throw a nice party on your boat. Having a nice time on the water feels luxurious with a private charter.

Have a Family-Friendly Tour

Do you want to take things slower? There are plenty of family-friendly tours on the water. Having a personal experience means a lot to close families. If you want that one-on-one time, dozens of diverse options exist. Many tours devote themselves to your safe, high-quality trip.

Find the Perfect Cost for the Perfect Boat

Whether you want a private yacht or a relaxing sunset cruise, the cost is always a concern. Budgeting your vacation ahead of time keeps your vacation relaxing. Cruises to Cabo San Lucas cost more, but imagine including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Cabo all in one!

A Cabo cruise may cost you around $800 to $1000 per person. The true cost depends on the length of your stay and the quality of the cruise. If you want an all-inclusive stay, the cruise may be more costly.

Boat rentals are cheaper and more one-on-one. Instead of dedicating time to an entire cruise, you get a day or two on the waters of Cabo. For the most part, they charge by the hour. Expect to pay around $200 per hour for smaller boats and around $500 an hour for luxury yachts.

Are you looking to go smaller? A boat rental may be for you. They are usually exclusive to Cabo, but there are plenty of destinations. Get a closer, simpler look at Cabo with a boat rental.

Looking to Go High End? Find a Luxury Yacht!

Take the high-end route with a luxury yacht. It is more expensive, but for many adventurers, the experience is worth it. Higher-end yachts make whale watching and other water activities that much more fun.

Rent a Boat in Cabo San Lucas From Pelican Cabo

Pelican Cabo takes your vacation to the next level. Our company provides all sorts of adventurous activities. Anything from snorkeling to scuba diving creates the best experiences for our guests!

We provide luxury boats to make your vacation special. If you want a family-friendly tip or an unforgettable party, we have your back. Let us guide your trip with experienced tours, exciting activities, and high-quality care.

Rent a Luxury Boat From Pelican Cabo Today.

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