5 Tips to Level Up Your Skills as a Content Creator

With the ever-increasing popularity of Social Media and more and more people on the platforms every day, everyone is a content creator. There is an art and a science to being a skillful creator, and not just reposting recycled memes on social networks. We have some tips and tricks to level up your skills and create content that will expand your reach and get you some attention.

Whether you are creating content for your personal brand or work as a part of a digital marketing team producing content for a larger company, consistency matters. Decide how often you are going to post, on which platforms, and stick to it. Your audience will be more engaged, and it will increase your visibility if you post with greater consistency.

Develop a Content Strategy

What is your content strategy? Your content strategy dives deeper the ensuring that you plan to produce useful content that will speak to your audience. Note that content strategy is more than just a repeat of your marketing strategy. The content strategy will help you plan all of the content you intend to create and what you hope to say to your ideal audience.

You also may want to formulate a content plan, which is much more tactical than your content strategy. The content plan is a document that specifics how you will execute your strategy and handle each task. You will want to implement a content marketing strategy before embarking on your content plan.

Think of the content plan as a roadmap for the execution of your vision. Therefore it should be detail-oriented and include everything you would like to cover, what content your audience will enjoy, when and where you will post it and who will execute each task if you have a team or staff.

Whether you plan on creating videos, beautiful photos, or an elaborate blog post having strategies and tactics in place will be crucial to your success. Follow these five tips as you embark on creating your content.

1. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Do you know who you are attracting to your page? You can look at audience insights on most social platforms and get a good picture of who you are drawing. Then it is time to develop a marketing strategy around digital content you want to promote on your social networks.

After looking at these insights, make sure you are creating high-quality content for your target audience. If you are willing to spend a little on paid social advertising, you will likely expand your audience rather quickly.

Also, try diversifying your digital media to include different types of content. Your social media presence can consist of some curated content (sharing content you did not create) so long as it is relevant to your audience, and you give props to the content creator. We recommend you use this sparingly.

Who are you hoping to attract? Your ideal audience and your current audience might not be in line. That is ok. Focus on telling a story about your brand, and the message will attract a more loyal customer base, even if they are not who you thought they would be.

Never go the low route and try to purchase followers from secondary sites. Chances are the platform will find out and penalize you for it and take away some of that coveted organic reach you have been working to cultivate.

2. Stay Up to Date

Whatever it is you want to talk about, stay up to date. Remember that as the content creator, you have a responsibility to be an expert and produce quality content to keep your audience engaged.

Like any good writer, artist or producer, you should be consuming more than you are producing. Know the industry trends inside and out and package them in an easily understandable way for your audience.

3. Be an Original Content Creator

Take the time to produce original content that your audience will find engaging, and it will pay off over time. The less original your content, the less engagement it will get in terms of likes and shares.

Take the time to be creative. If you produce YouTube content, what can you do to stand out? If you are looking for those unique photos to keep people on your site or page, where would be an unforgettable spot to take those shots? Always have your eyes peeled for beautiful images and fresh ideas.

If you create written content, carry a pen and paper with you and write down everything. We all always have so many great original ideas that get lost forever when we don’t commit them to paper to expand later.

4. Make Sure Your Content is Exciting and Engaging

Consistency is essential. People want to know what to expect and when to expect it. It would help if you also had some variety in the types of things you post and create. Have an outstanding balance of repeating your main concepts or story with an occasional different post to keep your audience excited and engaged.

Say you consistently post “How to” videos, do an occasional interview, or even a comical video will add excitement to your audience. You can also gauge the response to the video to see if this is a new direction you should head in your content creation. You can apply this concept to written or visual media as well.

5. Choose the Perfect Location

Know what you are looking for in a backdrop. Each piece of the content we create has its purpose. You have taken the time to understand who your audience is and developed a strategy and plan to best speak to them. You have designed original content that is engaging and exciting, and now it is time to choose the perfect location for your shoot.

We all want to find the most aesthetically pleasing location. Once you have the details ironed out, you will need the perfect shooting location. Depending on the piece of content, this could be a stunning location or a studio. Whatever you are trying to capture on film or in a photo, finding aesthetically pleasing locations will be imperative to your success as a content creator.

Look for natural light to beautifully illuminate your project. Natural light is always preferable to artificial light in video shoots. The use of natural light makes give videos a cinematic quality and beautiful glow. It will give your project a more natural-looking vibe.

Lighting is best executed on film when sources in the shot are apparent. Artificial lighting will give your project a fake or unnatural feel. If you are fortunate enough to shoot outside, it may be advisable to use shade and diffusion to soften the sunlight and prevent harsh shadows on any people in your shot.

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