10 Facts About Cabo You Probably Didn’t Know

Cabo is widely revered as the perfect vacation destination thanks to its amazing views of the coast, impeccable weather, and litany of opportunities for fun in the sun.  The average person knows a few tidbits about this beautiful tropical destination simply because it attracts an influx of people.  However, even if you have been to Cabo, there are likely some interesting tidbits about this heavenly destination that you do not know.  Without further adieu, let’s take a look at 10 little-known Cabo facts.

1. Cabo is Home to the Youngest Sea

Most people are surprised to learn the Sea of Cortez is the world’s most recently-formed sea.  Baja California formed as a result of magma cooling during the Mesozoic Era, going back about 200 million years ago.  The shifting of plate tectonics combined with continents drifting apart caused a separation between Mexico’s mainland and the peninsula.  It is quite interesting to note modern day Cabo was connected to the continent at what we know as Jalisco merely five million years ago.  The Sea of Cortez formed within the past three million years, making it the youngest sea on the planet.

2. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are not the Original Monikers of the Cape Cities

Few people know that Cabo San Lucas was known as Yenekamu by the Pericues.  San Jose del Cabo was originally known as Anuiti.  Cabo San Lucas was named as such by Francisco de Bolanos in October of 1541.  In fact, Cabo was originally labeled “Ballenas”, meaning whales, on Spanish maps.

3. Todos Santos is the Site of the Last Mexican-American War Battle

The history books do not reveal the fact that the Mexican-American war actually ended with a skirmish that occurred slightly to the north of Todos Santos.  This skirmish occurred in late March of 1848, nearly a month after the United States Congress ratified the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty.

4. Cabo’s First Inhabitants Fished Without Hooks and Nets

The hunter gatherers who originally inhabited Cabo relied on wooden tools for fishing.  These brave warriors dove into the water and stabbed fish with wooden instruments in order to eat.

5. Plenty of Cabo Doctors Speak Flawless English

There is a common misconception that doctors in Cabo speak broken English or no English at all.  However, the truth is Cabo has plenty of Doctors who speak perfect English.  If you need any sort of medical attention while in Cabo, you are sure to find a local doctor who can communicate with you in English.  In fact, the majority of Cabo resorts have a doctor on-site.

6. It is Possible to Receive Mail in Cabo

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to receive mail while vacationing or working in Cabo.  Though the Mexican postal service is not as fast as the United States Postal Service, it will deliver mail to you and transmit mail on your behalf during your Cabo stay.

7. Purified Water is Available Throughout Cabo

Do not believe the hype about all of Cabo’s water allegedly being unhealthy and dirty.  Cabo’s water is much safer and cleaner than the water in other parts of Mexico.  However, there is a chance the Cabo tap water will not agree with you.  If so, don’t fret!  You can easily pick up affordable purified water from a local grocery store, convenience store or even Cabo gas stations.  Furthermore, the ice and water served at Cabo restaurants and hotels is purified.

8. The Land’s End Arch is 84 Million Years Old

According to geological estimates, the Land’s End Arch is remarkably old.  The Atlas of Coastal Ecosystems reports this site’s oldest granite pieces are a whopping 84 million years in age.

9. There is More Coastline Along Baja California Sur than Mexican States

Visit Cabo and you will have a spectacular view of the Baja coast.  Mexico has slightly more than 9,000 km worth of coastline.  A considerable portion of this coastline is around the peninsula known as Baja California.   All in all, Baja California and Baja California Sur represent nearly 40% of the country’s coastline.  In other words, Cabo has more than its fair share of gorgeous beaches.

10. Cabo San Lucas is Also Known as “Earth’s End”

Cabo San Lucas is also referred to as the end of planet Earth.  This little-known moniker stems from the fact that Cabo San Lucas is the final section of land within the Baja California Peninsula.

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