Best Hotels in Cabo: Book an All-Inclusive Stay

What do you like to imagine on your trip to Cabo? Walking on Sunset Beach, a room that overlooks the sea; it is all within arms reach. Your first step should be to find the best hotels in Cabo to compliment your luxury stay.

This article talks about ways to find leisure in Los Cabos. Mainly, we will talk about different hotels and their amenities. When you think about your trip, we want your vision to run wild with possibilities.

Let’s get started! Read more about the best hotels in Cabo below.

Special Amenities at Luxury Resorts

There are many things to think about before booking a stay at a new hotel. If you are on the lookout for luxury, take a look at their amenities. Luxury retreats in Cabo have lots of perks for their guests to enjoy the full experience.

An all-inclusive resort provides your every need during your vacation. They give guests food, drinks (alcohol included!), and entertainment. They usually include amenities in the booking price.

These types of hotels take your fantasy stay and turn it into a real-life experience. Book an inclusive resort to mix your entire vacation up in one spot.

Be on the lookout for the best convenient services. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Parking (for car rentals)
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Butler Service
  • Fine-Dining and In-House Restaurants
  • Private Beach Access
  • An Infinity Pool
  • Spa and Yoga Classes
  • Watersports (skiing, scuba diving, and surfing)
  • Gyms
  • Adults-Only Sections

Experience the grandeur of Baja California. When you browse rooms and suites in the following hotels, you get to pick all your favorite amenities. What do you need during your stay? Will it be adults-only, and do you need a golf course? Or are you looking for family-friendly fun with lots of activities? Keep your needs in mind before booking a luxury space for your stay, and you have the best time of your life in Cabo.

Thompson Hotels

Do you want a spot that overlooks the Sea of Cortez? The Thompson Hotels are a great spot for a vacationer’s luxurious getaway. The hotel chain is a part of a bigger business, so they include all the latest amenities.

Thompson Hotels features a long line of luxury hotels. They have buildings in lots of hotspot destinations, including Cabo San Lucas. The Cape A, Thompson Hotel offers ocean-boutique services with high-end amenities. Every room in their hotel is within a direct line of sight to El Arco and the Sea of Cortez.

The hotel in Cabo features two pools and outdoor spas. The design by Marisabel Gomez Vazquez honors the natural landscapes. You truly feel connected to the beach, the sun, and the warm air of El Cabo.

Esperanza Resort & Spa

It is all about the experience at Esperanza Resort & Spa. They are the only beach resort in Cabo San Lucas with a 100% private beach. The nature-centric design at Esperanza allows visitors to relax. The resort offers plenty of fun ventures for bold guests!

The Cocina Del Mar Restaurant offers daily breakfast to visitors. It is a direct part of Esperanza Resort & Spa and a part of their all-inclusive package. They put their guests at the center of the culinary arts. The experienced executive chef prepares each dish with care. Enjoy a refined dinner by the sea with the world’s most delicious cuisines.

Viceroy Los Cabos

Lovers of carefully-designed architecture should book a stay at Viceroy Los Cabos. The resort’s five-star restaurant makes the stay all-inclusive. Fine dining near the Sea of Cortez takes you away from the stress of the outside world. Achieve full leisure, sitting on your private balcony, and overlooking the calm waters. When the nighttime hits, visit their rooftop bar and do some socializing!

Viceroy Los Cabos is much closer to San Jose Del Cabo. The drive is a bit further from the airport and Medano Beach, but there are plenty of things to do in San Jose Del Cabo too! For example, Cabo San Lucas gets crowding around certain times of the year. Instead of visiting hotspots during the spring, book your stay at the Viceroy in San Jose Del Cabo.

Chileno Bay Resort Residences

Because of the rugged terrain of the Pacific Ocean, Cabo does not have many swimmable beaches. Chileno Bay prides itself in sitting right near one of Cabo’s only safe-to-swim beaches. The resort is an attractive stay for those who want to spend their days on the water. Their entire aesthetic banks on being close to the beach with tranquil waters. They are family-friendly with great restaurants and plenty of all-inclusive activities.

Pueblo Bonito Pacífica

The beautiful “U” shape of the Pueblo Bonito gives its visitors a feeling of privacy. The resort is best for couples in need of privacy, and they have plenty of adults-only spaces. The high rises let guests look out on the horizon and relish in beautiful sunsets. Pueblo Bonito works amazingly for romantic getaways and couples-only vacations.

Pueblo Bonito sits right on the edge of Sunset Beach. The secluded area lets you enjoy the beach without huge droves of tourists. The resort overlooks the Pacific Ocean in all of its beautiful glory. Remember, the beaches on the Pacific side of Los Cabos are not swimmable!

One&Only Palmilla

Authentic Mexican style makes its debut at the One&Only Palmilla. Traveling to Mexico puts you face-to-face with the area’s rich culture. You get to dine on the finest authentic cuisines and soak in the heritage. Their room features a minibar, full room service, a flat-screen TV, and other important comforts.

The Palmilla Golf Club is a big part of its all-inclusive stay. Golf-loving visitors get to get up early and hit the course without too much travel. If you beat the crowd, you have all the time in the world to work on your swing. Some ratings state that the Palmilla Golf Course is one of the best in Cabo for the money.

All-Inclusive Resorts in San José Del Cabo

You learned about some all-inclusive hotels in Cabo San Lucas. We also have a few recommendations for vacationers in San José Del Cabo.

Booking a stay in San Jose Del Cabo puts you further away from the crowd. For the most part, they have as many amenities, restaurants, and activities. If you get lucky, you may get them at a cheaper price, which lets you enjoy more aspects of your vacation.

The resort city sits 30 minutes away from the international airport. The location is worth a visit if you have the time in your schedule. It also sits right on the water and has much calmer beaches than Los Cabos.

Here are some all-inclusive resorts in San Jose Del Cabo:

  1. Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos
  2. Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa
  3. Barcelo Gran Faro

Activities to Book on Your Luxury Getaway to Cabo

Pelican Cabo offers leisurely comforts to our high-end guests. Once you book your stay, we want to bring fun things to do into the mix. Your all-inclusive hotel brings activities straight to your hotel room. We give you a chance to get out of your room with luxury boat tours, scuba diving, snorkeling tours, and more.

Personally, We care about our visitors’ safety and privacy. We give you every tool in our power to make your stay sophisticated and worry-free.

Learn more about booking activities with Pelican Cabo.

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