Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesStand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii.

Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesYoga

There's nothing better than doing yoga on the Pelican Cabo boat charter while floating on the Sea of Cortez surrounded by the natural beauty of Cabo.

The Pelican Cabo has accommodated yoga bootcamps, private fitness instructors, and yoga brands for photos shoots several times. We provide yoga mats, hand towels, and bottled water for you and your guests.

Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesSwimming

Jump in the water from The Pelican Cabo private boat charter and swim or float around the Sea of Cortez with your friends while soaking up the warm sun.

Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesSnorkeling in Cabo

Don't miss the opportunity to experience snorkeling in Cabo surrounded by hundreds of tropical fish!

The Pelican Cabo Captain will find the perfect snorkeling spot for you and your guests to snorkel around the boat and beaches off of Pelican Rock.

Our Cabo boat cruise director will guide you to the best spots and help set up all the equipment for you, which we happily provide to you and your guests as part of your private boat charter.

Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesFloating Mat

Our long float mat is one of our guests favorite thing to drop into the water and enjoy with friends.

Our boat cruise director will help deploy the float board so you and your guests can float around the boat, beaches, and rocks while taking in the sights of Cabo. Grab your drink and relax on the float.

Cabo San Lucas ActivitiesLuxury Amenities

The Pelican Cabo is a luxury, private boat charter. for you and your friends to enjoy comfortably while discovering the natural beauty of Cabo.

To that end, we offer a 5-star experience with luxury amenities including top of the line furniture, two custom bathrooms, surround sound, and much more.