What to Do in Cabo San Lucas? Try a Cabo Booze Cruise

Figuring out what to do in Cabo San Lucas takes a bit of scouting. The fun-filled city in Mexico hosts all kinds of great day trips and things to do around the Baja peninsula. Longer stays mean more exciting events to come, and everyone could use a nice vacation. Here’s an idea: book a Cabo booze cruise!

Wild times are at your fingertips, and Cabo San Lucas is well-known for its wild nightlife. You only have to take a little step to be a part of Cabo’s nightlife. The waters stay warm all year, and your drinks stay filled at all times with an open bar.

Go big, or go home. To enjoy the nightlife, reserve a special spot on a party cruise. Party on the water and create unforgettable memories.

Your dream destination is right in front of you, so say yes to a Cabo vacay!

Things to Do Before Your Cabo Booze Cruise

Are you wondering what to do in Cabo San Lucas? There are hundreds of activities for every type of person. While you wait for the nightlife to start up, there are plenty of daytime activities to start your vacation.You can have a great time visiting the famous arch or renting yacht charters.

Start on the right foot in Cabo. Here are some interesting daytime activities to do before your nighttime party:

Tour the Beautiful Rock Formations at The Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful sight. It is often at the top of every vacationer’s list for a good reason. At the tip of Baja California, see El Arco in its full beauty. Be sure to admire the crashing waves, and visitors might even come across some sea lions!

Get Close to the Marine Life: Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Even a Whale Shark.

Los Cabos features lots of diverse sea life. A small tour puts you face-to-face with some of the world’s most amazing creatures. A quick dip into the sea lets you see sea lions, sea turtles, and colorful fish. For example, Santa Maria Bay is a sanctuary for marine life, and it sits further away from large crowds. On some special tours, you get to see whale sharks and other incredible species.

Go Deep Sea Fishing.

Spending a few hours on the ocean is equally fun and relaxing. Plenty of private charters let visitors book between five and eight hours. That is plenty of time to get your head in the game and catch something huge on the sea. Plan your fishing excursion from July to December, land impressive catches, including Blue Marlin, Dorado, and Wahoo.

Book a Stay at Chileno Bay Resort.

The Chileno Bay Resort is a popular vacation destination. Staying at this resort gives visitors access to a safe and swimmable beach. Because of rough waters and sudden drop-offs, finding a safe beach in Los Cabos is rare. The resort also offers plenty of activities for tourists, including good eats, private pools, golf, and yoga.

Visit a World Famous Restaurant.

The restaurants del Cabo San Lucas offer some of the best Mexican cuisines. You get a choice of seafood, classic tacos, Italian-inspired meals, and much more. There are plenty of luxury dining experiences to be had! Make a reservation at Panache Restaurant or El Peregrino, and enjoy.

Take a Nice Stroll on Lover Beach.

Playa del Amor is known for its romantic stretch of sand and calm waters. Much like Divorce Beach, Lover Beach sits away from the crowd. Because of the sharp rocks, it may be better to take a water taxi to either beach. Remember, very few of the Sea of Cortez’s beaches are swimmable, so be sure to do your due diligence beforehand.

The beaches have some of the most spectacular sunsets in Cabo San Lucas. Take it a step further by booking a dinner cruise. A dinner cruise doubles as a sunset cruise, letting you relax at the end of a long day. Once you take a look at the spectacular Cabo sunset, you get to reflect on an amazing day.

Go Horseback Riding on the Beach.

Strolling on the beach is fun, but horseback riding is even better. Many guides offer horseback riding tours for a small fee. The family-friendly activity fits into any schedule, so spend a few hours exploring the wide-open beach.

Book a Snorkeling Tour.

A snorkeling tour lets you get closer to Cabo’s marine life. Pick a safe spot to swim, and start exploring under the ocean’s surface. You may come across a wide array of stingrays, schools of fish, sea urchins, and other exciting animals.

Go to a New Spot on the Water Taxis

The water taxis in Cabo San Lucas visit all of the city’s hotspots. When you cannot reach a destination by foot, they come to the rescue. The short boat tours let you find lots of secluded destinations, including Santa Maria Beach.

Things to Do on Your Cabo Booze Cruise

The sun sets, and you are ready to get the party started. If you planned, then your sunset cruise is on the way! Once the party starts in Los Cabos, it rarely slows down.

Here are some things to do on your special boat tour.

Come Face-to-Face With the Pacific Ocean.

Boat tours in Los Cabos visit many spots from San Jose to Todos Santos. One of them may be the Pacific Ocean! Let your first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean be on the back of a luxury boat. You and your party will have an unforgettable experience while viewing the waves. You might even get lucky with some impromptu whale watching!

Figure Out the Hype Behind Party Cruises.

Are you ready to put your luxury cruise to work? Booking party cruises is a great way to spend the evening. It isn’t a Cabo booze cruise without a party. Make the once-in-a-lifetime event the main part of your dinner cruise. A cruise ship might serve alcohol at an open bar, so have your fun until the sun goes down.

Los Cabos is famous for its thrilling nightlife. On top of the city’s world-famous nightclubs, there are plenty of parties on the water too. Cabo Wabo might be the best spot on the land, but you create the real party on the ocean. Spend your weekend on the water, and get as wild as you want!

End Your Day With a Relaxing Sunset Tour

Sticking by a vacation schedule is exhausting. It can’t always be spring break and beer bongs. After a long day, calming down with sunset cruises makes everything complete. While you mingle on your boat, take a second to watch the spectacular sunset. To top everything off, take a nice break over a sunset dinner before getting back to the noise.

Book a Cruise in Cabo, and Celebrate the Nightlife

Have you found what to do in Cabo San Lucas yet? Planning a whole vacation takes some work. Booking boat tours with the right company saves you a hassle. Do not go for the second-best on your dream vacation!

Pelican Cabo lets vacationers book their own boats for a cabo booze cruise. We are the perfect luxury boat for you. We want our guests to feel safe and comfortable, and your good time means everything to us.

Book your future Cabo booze cruise here.

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